Monday, January 7, 2013

West Houston landscapes' aesthetic appeal not to be underestimated

You just need to find the right spot at the right time to enjoy some awesome vistas ... even in January ... even if the weather is dreary. The clouds can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the winter-time landscape that has lost much of its lush spring and summer-time greenery, and even leafless tress can provide great scenic appeal as silhouettes against a deep-blue sky at dusk.  

George Bush Park is a great place for awesome-view prospecting, not to mention local landscape photography. After all, it is one of the largest contiguous uninhabited nature zones in the Houston metropolitan area. The high-rises are few and distant, and don't clutter the horizon. Because of its elevation and because the reservoir is located to the West of it, Barker Dam is one of the best places to enjoy West Houston sunsets, but the pictures here were taken inside the Reservoir North of Rugby fields at and near Flood Control Channel T-103.  

Sundown in George Bush Park early in the year
Silhouette of tree against overcast sky with setting sun
Man-mad watercourse for drainage  in Bush Park - Looking West
Looking East from pedestrian bridge at Flood Control Channel T-103 

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