Saturday, December 29, 2012

American Black Vultures aloft all alone, but gregarious on the ground (at Bear Creek Pioneers Park)

Seen, in large numbers, on Christmas Day 2012 in Addicks Reservoir in West Houston. Note that the black vultures -- unlike other animals -- are not deliberately kept on park grounds as zoo animals, but visit with pot-bellied pigs and exotic birds in their pens when not out on patrol high above the highways looking for road-kill

Peaceful cross-species co-existence, apparently. 

American Black Vultures hanging out at the pig pen at Pioneers Park
Vulture soaring above the canopy of trees in Addicks Reservoir at dusk

Friday, December 28, 2012

Denise's Playground at Ray Miller Park

This playground, which features benches and a gazebo, was created to honor the memory of a child's mom and is located in the northern section of Ray Miller Park on Eldridge Parkway.

Denise's Playground: Wooden portal with vines December 27, 2012
Gazebo with two benches at center
Denise's Playground Memorial Marker
Plaque provides background information.
Wooden bench on the trail outside the wood-fence enclosure around Denise's Playground at Eldridge Park
Also see recent post on birding at Ray Miller Park in December.  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Poblano's Mexican Grill on Eldridge Parkway

Poblano's Mexican Grill 1250 Eldridge Pkwy Houston, TX 77077

Poblano's Mexican Grill  - interior

Poblano's Mexican Grill 1250 Eldridge Pkwy Houston, TX 77077
Poblanos Mexican Grill on Eldridge Parkway
across from Staybridge Suites Hotel

Bird Watching at Ray Miller Park late in the Year

Small bird sitting on a branch shown as silhouette against the sky

Multiple-unit bird house on pole at park - close-up telephoto

Kohlmeise im Busch

Boardwalk at the Center of Ray Miller Park on Eldridge Parkway
South of Briar Forest
Bird Houses on top of poles at Eldridge Parkway park

Fence at Ray Miller Park on a December afternoon (back-light)

Addicks Reservoir in December - Some Visuals

Windy Christmas Day in Houston

X-Mas Day Sunset at Bear Creek Pioneers Park

Sun setting behind the tree
Silhouette of tree without leaves in grassy area next to abandoned road parallel
to N. Eldridge Parkway in Addicks Reservoir December 25, 2012
Sun setting behind trees at Harris County road maintenance facility
at North Eldridge Parkway and War Memorial Drive
Grounded vultures in pens for other animals at Bear Creek Pioneers Park

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

War Memorial Drive off Eldridge Parkway

Pedestrian and traffic control signage at War Memorial Drive at East End
near Eldridge Parkway, War Memorial, and Harris County Park Administration
Office and Park/Road Maintenance facility
American Flag flying over Harris County War Memorial
Pavilion at War Memorial

Trail Rules on paved trail circulating around the Northern
 section of Bear Creek Park with sports fields

Harris County War Memorial at Bear Creek Pioneers Park

Eagle statute at War Memorial site