Friday, September 19, 2014

Toby Keith Texas bar with dance floor and grill

Dance floor at Toby Keith I love this Bar and Grill - also concert venue
Shiner Brewery appreciation at West Oak bar
Toby Keith Bar at West Oak Mall - Highway 6 at Westheimer Rd.
1000 W Oaks Mall #429, Houston, TX 77082 
Corner of Westheimer and Highway 6 - West Oak mall Tenants (sign)
Edwards Theater -Toby Keith's - macy's - Dillard's - SEARS - PALAIS ROYAL - FORTIS College

Thursday, September 18, 2014

New project coming on Hwy 6 South of Memorial - Broadstone Energy Park

Alliance Residential Builders getting ready 
for project in 700-800 block of Highway 6 South of Memorial Drive 
Project name: Broadstone Energy Park 880 South Highway 6 

The sun is setting on this old property
Empty lot with some grafiti adorned structures at 800 HWY 6 SOUTH 

Office Towers amid greenery and nature trails - Energy Corridor quality of life through the year

Foster-Wheeler Building on Eldridge Parkway North of I-10 
BP Campus with changing color of foliage in the Fall (Nov 2014 pic)
New Eldridge Parkway Office Building seen from Terry Hershey Trail at Memorial Drive

BP Office Tower with Spring flowers in foreground