Sunday, March 13, 2016

Patterson Road in Addicks Reservoir under water again after last week's heavy rains (March 13, 2016 photos)

It typically happens several times a year, and the road that runs East-West through the flood-control reservoir gets closed to traffic. What's less common is that drivers take a chance when the water level is rising after heavy rains and end up in the ditch, or get swept away before the closure. Happened last year; just happened again, as the above photo attests.

Flooded field at Bear Creek Driave in Addicks Reservoir

Pasture at Houston Farm & Ranch Club
at Bear Creek Park 

Gate of Houston Farm & Ranch Club on Patterson Road
Gate of Houston Farm & Ranch Club on Patterson Road

This area is at a higher elevation and was not affected by the flooding 
Vintage fire engine parked in a green pasture at Bear Creek Pioneers Park
Vintage fire truck out on pasture 
Fire arms restriction posted on federal lands
Addicks reservoir is federal territory - Fire arms restriction