Friday, January 18, 2013

Heron photography

West Houston is great for big-bird watching, not to mention taking pictures of them. Since the herons and egrets are so large, even a regular zoom lens on a  point-and-shoot camera may be sufficient to get an acceptable shot, at least of the bird-with-landscape genre, if not a close-up. There are many waterways and lakes where these birds can be spotted on a regular basis, including the gate at Barker Dam and the canals running alongside it on the city-facing side of the levee. 

Multiple species of herons in various colors and color combinations can be seen in the Houston area; not just white egrets, which of course are beautiful and graceful in their own right. The pics shown here were taken at the duck pond near the park administration building and aviary at Bear Creek Pioneers Park. See map below. 

Duck pond at Bear Creek Pioneers Park near War Memorial off Eldridge Parkway (January 2013 photo)

Bird eye's view of Bear Creak Pioneers Park (East end with duck pond shown in brownish color)

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