Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jake Hershey Bridge on Buffalo Bayou Trail

Jake Hershey Bridge crosses Bayou tributary along the trail
The late Jake Hershey (Jake as in Jacob), who took a role in preserving the Bayou and its habitat and was also involved in a number of other nature conservation projects and organizations, has a pedestrian/bike bridge named in his honor -- on the hike and bike trail and park that is named for his wife, Terry (Teresa) Hershey. 

Bluebonnet site on Terry Hershey Trail in West Houston - Pic and location on map

A large bluebonnet field is located along the trail on a small hill on the North-East side of the bridge. It will no doubt soon delight park visitors all over again with a colorful abundance of seasonal blooms. Indian paintbrush flowers can also be found in the sea of blue. 

Jake Hershey commemorative plaque installed at the footbridge named in his honro
View of tributary flowing into Buffalo Bayou from Jake Hershey Bridge

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