Friday, February 22, 2013

Houston-area Ice Houses [updated]

The ice house is a venerable Texas institution, although one that has been re-purposed, since folks these days make their own ice at home, and refrigerators have taken the place of ice boxes that needed to be restocked with blocks of ice on a regular delivery schedule. 

Icehouse at Barker Dam (Highway 6)
appropriately named The Dam Ice House


There are two  drink-serving establishments in the Energy Corridor area that call themselves ice house: One on Highway 6 South of Memorial Drive facing Barker Dam, amusingly but appropriately dubbing itself The Dam Icehouse, and another one on Briar Forest Drive just a bit West of the intersection with Dairy Ashford: Big John’s. Both of these watering holes have outdoor seating. 

Big John's Ice House (sign) on Briar Forest near Dairy Ashford

An innerloop icehouse that merits the label historic, perhaps even iconic,
 is located on West Alabama between Montrose and Shepherd

Sign at West Alabama Icehouse (est. 1928) inside the Loop
near South Shepherd Drive

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