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Bayou Adventure Race Announcement - Event scheduled for Saturday February 16, 2013

Bayou Adventure Race Announcement and Info
Saturday Feb 16, 2013 Bayou  Adventure Race
Announcement poster posted at ped-bike bridge near Buffalo Bayou flood gate at  Barker Dam

The race includes biking and kayaking
Note on photo: This is a high-resolution photo of the event poster planted at one of the pedestrian bridges on Bush-Park-Terry-Hershey trail system. 

If you cannot read the text on the sign in blog view, click on the image to enlarge it. The small print provides details on the Adventure Race on and along Buffalo Bayou (Terry Hershey Park segment), which is to take place Saturday, February 16, 2013. 

Event info and hyperlink to event sponsor: 

The 2013 Second Annual Bayou Adventure Race is a multi-disciplinary undertaking. It consists of three components with three different itineraries. The first is a 5K run alongside banks of Buffalo Bayou from Dairy Ashford to SH-6. There, the participants will jump into kayaks (or canues) and paddle down the watercourse back to Dairy Ashford. The third component of the race will be a 10K or 15K dirt bike ride on the Terry Hershey Trail System (also called Buffalo Bayou Bike Trail)
Participants must bring their own mountain bike, helmet, life-vest, and water bottle; rental kayaks are available with registration. For additional information see the web site of the Bayou Preservation Association’s Bayou Adventure Race web page

Buffalo Bayou at the flow control gate - all the Feb 16 activity will be downstream, 
but the water level seems just right for boating if its stays that way

Paddling Trail - General information about boating on Buffalo Bayou

Olive-colored water of Buffalo Bayou in Terry Hershey linear Park

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