Thursday, February 13, 2014

Looking for Fish Oysters Lobster and Crawfish along Highway 6 ?

Although there are fish and other water-inhabiting creatures in the lakes in George Bush Park, and in Buffalo Bayou downstream, you can leave your angling gear at home, and leave the fishing in the murky waters of the bayou to the herons and egrets. They are experts at it, for they do it all the time. For those who prefer to have the catch delivered ready for human consumption, there are plenty of seafood lunch and dining options on State Highway 6 (SH-6) North and South of Westheimer and up to Katy Freeway. 

Here are some, and they don't include sushi: 

Joe's Crab Shack even has a playground area for kids.

Red Lobster Signage - Restaurant location near West Oak Mall
Red Lobster Restaurant - Front entrance with flags
Paul's seafood and oyster boat - back side away from Texas 6 facing Barker Dam
La Fisherman

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