Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Artistically enhanced concrete surfaces enliven the drab wintertime landscape

While the green grass is gone and the landscape often looks dreary under the winter-time envelope of clouds, new graffiti on at the dam structures are adding a touch of bright color and cheer. While notions of what counts for art surely vary widely, the authorities do well leaving the debate and appreciation (or disapprobation, as the case may be) to the pedestrians and bike-riding public that frequents these outdoor venues, rather than aggressively combating the unapproved art indiscriminately merely because it pops up on unapproved surfaces that would otherwise be as drab as their cold-season surroundings.

This spray can mural has graced the Buffalo Bayou flow control station
on Barker Dam for many months

Rebel dam art (mural at Buffalo Bayou Flood Gate) 
Sample of approved road art on elevated Houston area highway

More Bayou Graffiti on back wall of Highway 6 transmission shop

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