Saturday, January 25, 2014

MARKS LH7 RANCH site raized to make way for residential development

The sun is setting on what used to be Marks Ranch (LH7 Ranch) in Barker, TX

LH7 Ranch site prior to Developers and construction equipment moving in
Church in background
LH7 Ranch Texas Historical Commission Marker
Barker TX (near Addicks and Clodine)
Excavation on ranch site to serve as detention pond for development nearby;
historical structures, including a church in the distance (Feb 2014 photo)
BELOW: Site of Marks Ranch as it looked before start of construction
with historical marker and old photos on poster

Marks Ranch historical site in Barker Texas, with interpretive markers

Kingsland Blvd. South of I-10 near Barker-Cypress Rd.
Satellite view of LH7 Marks Ranch site before new development. Ranch buildings still visible on this image. The church seen in the thumbnail pic has been moved closer to Barker-Clodine Road and is being preserved, along with a couple of other old buildings, including Barker Post Office and General Store

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