Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Night Herons at the water

Yellow-crowned heron in grassy spot along Groeschke Road / Bear Creek area
Black-crowned Night Heron standing in stream flowing into Buffalo Bayou near Highway 6  road bridge
The Night Heron has its name for reason. This medium-sized bird comes out at dusk and can be found standing on the edge of the water or -- as in the picture above -- in a stream of water. Along with great white egrets and snowy egrets, the night heron can be seen frequently along Buffalo Bayou and its tributaries. This bird remains still, almost like frozen, for long periods of time and is easy to photograph, albeit in a low-light environment. The photo above was taken at the spillway downstream from the gate where Buffalo Bayou gushes out from the reservoir behind Barker Dam. 

Buffalo Bayou at Highway 6 Bridge, where herons and egrets can be seen regularly
Night herons and many other large birds, including great white egrets, blue herons, and ibises, are even more abundant at Brazos Bend State Park near Richmond, TX. Night herons can be seen there at dusk on the shores of several lakes. The photos of the white-capped night herons below were taken there. 

Yellow-crowned night heron at Brazoria State Park - close-up photo of head
Yellow-crowned Night Heron

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