Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring-time wildflowers in Houston's Energy Corridor and lush green fields

Green field with Indian Paintbrush flower at center and blue sky
Indian Paintbrush (macro view) with blue sky with white clouds
at Texas wildflower patch near Kendall Library 
Single white blackberry flower with visiting bee
A bee visiting a blackberry flower in the woods

Texas dandelion, Smallflower desert-chicory, False dandelion (Pyrrhopappus pauciflorus)
Texas Dandelion (Pyrrhopappus pauciflorus) 
Evening Primrose flower in profile
Mexican Hat flower (red and yellow macro view)
Mexican Hat flower in profile in green field alongside
Terry Hershey Park at Eldridge Pkwy 
Blooming tree against deep blue sky 
Orange-colored butterfly on bloom among trees
on lower bayou bank 
Indian Paintbrush at Addicks Reservoir with overcast sky 
Wood Sorrel (Oxalis Acetosella)
Flowering thistle 

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