Friday, July 25, 2014

Hike & Bike Trail on Buffalo Bayou at Eldridge Parkway

Trailhead: Anthills Mountainbike trail
Paved multi-use trail alongside Eldridge Parkway North
of Enclave Parkway

KBR Building seen from Buffalo Bayou bridge.
Terry Hershey Trail passes underneath 
Eldridge Oaks Office Tower overlooking the bayou
KBR Office Building (Eldridge Oaks) across the green fields on
Southern Bank of the Bayou 
Pedestrian and bicycle bridge next to Eldridge Pkwy Buffalo Bayou
road bridge

Indian Paintbrush flowering along Terry Hershey Trail
segment between Eldridge and Memorial Drive
Restroom facility for trail users at Eldridge Pkwy

Pedestrian bridge over Buffalo Bayou with KBR Building
in the background 

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