Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Construction on Enclave South of Briar Forest, including new apartments and another Village School building

On foot in the neighborhood: 


What’s on and going on on Enclave Parkway?

While the winding stretch of Enclave Parkway North of Briar Forest is dominated by modern Class-A office buildings occupied by well-known corporate tenants, the Southern part is lined by apartment complexes, including a new one that  saw completion early in 2014. It is helpfully named by its street address: SEVENTEEN15 Enclave.

The City of Houston has recently improved walkability in this residential area with sidewalk construction on Enclave.

Metro’s Bus Line 53 (Briar Forest) serves this neighborhood, with stops at the school campuses, and provides service all the way to Downtown, though it is a fairly long trip.

Enclave Parkway ends at The Village Primary and Elementary School.

Tarrytowne Estates, a senior living/care facility sits on the corner on the left. It has had an under-renovation sign posted on the fence for at least a year.

Turn to the left at The Village Primary and Elementary School and you can continue on to Dairy Ashford via Westella Drive, which is lined with single-family residences. Or you can turn right and then left to reach Dairy Ashford via Whittington. You will pass through apartment properties that are a bit older than those on Eldridge Parkway and eventually reach the Whittington Post Office that serves this neighborhood. It will be located on the right, shortly before you get to the intersection at Dairy Ashford, which has a gas station on one corner and a flower shop on the other side.

If you turn right at The Village High School onto Gentryside Drive, you will get deeper into the neighborhood and have two neighborhood streets available that connect to Westheimer. You can either continue southward on Gentryside or turn at Avenida la Quinta Street and, eventually, get to Westheimer via Briar West Blvd. On the latter route you will also have a good chance to get lost if you have not consulted the map beforehand or navigation equipment with you because these residential streets wind their way through the subdivision like a meandering bayou.

After completion of the new apartment complex at 1715 Enclave, construction activity continues in this neighborhood. The Village School (High School) has another building under construction on the Western lot (see photo of steel frame above). Nearby, in an area that was until recently undeveloped and partially wooded, another residential project just broke ground: 13115 Whittington Dr.

13115 Whittington Drive Construction project site as of Feb 2014

Metro Bus 53 - Briar Forest Limited (map)

Link to 53 Bus Schedule

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